Better sleep on a Boxspring!

A suitable bed for a good night's sleep is essential for mind and health. Our luxury box springs are fitted with high-quality mattresses, which guarantees our box springs quality and a contemporary look.


Better sleep on a Boxspring!

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"Investing in your health is not a luxury"

A good health and night's sleep go hand in hand. We believe that health is playing an increasingly important role in our lives. Sleeping well on a box spring bed and having a high-quality box spring mattress are essential for this. A box spring combines these two elements. The box spring we believe in is literally a box with springs. It is a chassis on legs where springs are incorporated. There is a mattress on top of this chassis. The two layers with springs, one of the mattress and one of the chassis, the body gets the ultimate support so you can experience more comfort. There are also electric box springs for ultimate comfort. These box springs contain various relaxation settings, so you can watch TV or read a book before bedtime.

Good sleeping comes from a box spring bed and the mattress on which you sleep, this can be decisive. A box spring mattress must follow the contours of the body, but also provide sufficient back pressure to support and support the body. The perfect box spring provides a certain pressure in the cavity of the back and suspension for under your shoulders and hips. This posture ensures relaxed muscles, vertebrae and blood vessels.

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Due to the durability and comfort of a box spring, the system is often used in hotels. The nice thing is that this is also called a hotel bed. This means that you can have the comfort and luxury of a hotel bed in your own bedroom, is not it?


  • What benefits does a box spring have?

    • A box spring offers optimal lying comfort thanks to the two layers with suspension
    • The box spring has more air circulation and better ventilation through the open spring structure
    • Getting in and out of bed is easy due to the height of a box spring bed
    • A box spring is suitable for every type of sleeper (back, side and abdominal sleepers)
    • The appearance of a box spring can easily be enriched by your own style and taste

Finally, a box spring gives the bedroom a luxurious look and also makes it easy to make. Comfort, luxury and convenience. What does a man want more ?!


box spring / mattress


  • What should you consider when buying a box spring?


A diversity of box springs is available both online and in physical stores. Each of a different material and different types of components and combinations. Due to the wide variety of models, the difference in price range is also very large. The cheapest box spring often starts at a few hundred euros while you can also buy a model of thousands of euros. People often think "the more expensive the better", this is partly true. The more expensive the box spring bed, the better the materials and the finish of the bed. But does this automatically mean that the most expensive box spring also provides the best relaxation?


  • A box spring that fits your body


It is important that a box spring suits you, your wishes and your body. A box spring is adjusted to the body weight but also to your habits. The double composition of the suspension of a box spring ensures that the body is supported during sleep. For example, many people like to sleep on their sides, so that a box spring mattress has to allow a little less resistance to the shoulders and to relieve the pressure. Sleeping on the back or stomach is also very pleasant with a box spring. This is because the pressure and resting points in a box spring are located in different places and are meant for various postures.


  • In short: why would you choose a box spring?

    • The appearance of a complete box spring is very attractive and well cared for
    • The composition of the suspension provides an extra comfortable feeling, mainly with a pocket spring mattress
    • A box spring is on average somewhat higher than a traditional bed, this is often considered pleasant
    • Box springs are used in hotels so that consumers experience this as luxury and associate with a holiday feeling
    • The majority of people talk positively about box springs and their comfort
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