Want to buy a fitted sheet? Available in many shapes and sizes.

There is a suitable fitted sheet for every mattress or bed. Our range includes fitted sheets in different sizes, colors and materials. We also offer fitted sheets for a split topper, mattress topper, waterbed and box spring.


Want to buy a fitted sheet? Available in many shapes and sizes.

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If you are looking for a mattress cover, take a look at our extensive and very affordable range of fitted sheets. Fine 2 Sleep has various cheap fitted sheets online, so that they can be viewed and ordered online. In addition, we also offer mattress protectors to extend the life of the mattress. This can be placed directly around the mattress, after which a fitted sheet is placed around the protector.

The mattress covers from Fine 2 Sleep are available in various materials and colours. There is always a color and duvet cover that matches the bedroom. The mattress covers are plain, so that they are easy to combine. The descriptions below will make it clear which materials the fitted sheets consist of and which properties are associated with them. We hope this provides enough information so that the right choice can be made. It is also possible, on request, to view and purchase your order at our pick-up location in Ridderkerk. You can choose from our wide range, consisting of various sizes, such as a 180x220 fitted sheet.

A fitted sheet is the one that goes around the mattress when you make a bed. A mattress cover ensures that the mattress is protected and can therefore last longer. It is moisture absorbent and more hygienic for the mattress. We offer various materials such as: satin (cotton satin), flannel, double jersey, jersey and cotton.


In addition to the color of a duvet cover, it is also important that the material and dimensions match a duvet cover and that it feels nice. Each material has different characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. It is therefore important to know which type of material suits you well and ensures a comfortable and pleasant night's sleep. Below is a detailed explanation of all materials of fitted sheets in our range. Be informed and base your choice on this!

Jersey fitted sheet

A jersey fitted sheet is basically made of 100% cotton. The name jersey is obtained from the way of knitting. During knitting, a technique is used in which loops are made, which creates stretch and elasticity in the fabric. The elastic around the fitted sheet ensures that the jersey fitted sheet does not shift and always fits well around a mattress. This material is very suitable because it stays tight around the mattress and prevents folds. Jersey can be used all year round, it is a fairly thick and relatively cheap material!

Cotton Satin Fitted Sheet

A cotton satin fitted sheet gets its name from the way of weaving. Cotton satin has fine characteristics of both cotton and satin. The chic look of satin with moisture-absorbing and ventilating properties of cotton. A fitted sheet cotton satin consists of cotton, whereby the top weft threads remain loose. Because the upper threads remain loose, the material acquires its subtle shine. It is a very finely woven combination of fabrics that gives a chic look to every bed! A satin fitted sheet is even smoother and can sometimes even be experienced as slippery, cotton satin offers the perfect combination for wonderful sleeping comfort.

Cotton Fitted Sheet

A cotton fitted sheet is a common and very popular material in many bedrooms. Cotton has many positive properties and is made from a natural material (cotton fibres). Cotton is a breathable fabric that feels very soft against the skin. A fitted sheet made of cotton also easily absorbs perspiration, is strong and has a good price/quality ratio. The cotton production process starts with the seeds of a cotton plant. This then produces soft fibers from which threads can be spun. A 180x220 cotton fitted sheet offers perfect properties to guarantee a good night's sleep.

Double Woven Jersey Fitted Sheet

A double jersey fitted sheet is basically the same as a regular jersey fitted sheet. However, in this case it is twice as thick because it is double woven through an interlock machine, which gives it its density. This material has a high quality and a larger corner height of 40 cm. Hence the price is slightly higher. A double jersey mattress cover is softer and stronger. By properly absorbing perspiration, it also extends the life of your mattress. Double woven jersey fitted sheets are made of 100% cotton and of course also contain all the fine characteristics of this material, such as: its strength, durability, absorption and softness. It is a material that breathes well and is moisture regulating.

Flannel fitted sheet

Flannel fitted sheets are ideal for people who get cold easily. This material provides a wonderfully soft and warm feeling. Flannel feels soft because the cotton is roughened on at least one side. The yarns are spun more loosely, so they quickly adapt to your body temperature. In addition to feeling warm, flannel also ensures that the heat of the body is retained well. A flannel mattress cover is therefore ideal during the colder months and guarantees sleeping comfort. Do you want to stay nice and warm during the colder months? Then choose flannel fitted sheets!

Types of fitted sheets

A mattress cover can be divided into various types. Within our range we offer regular fitted sheets in various sizes and colours. But you can also contact us for split topper fitted sheets and topper fitted sheets. Read on quick!

Split topper fitted sheet

A split fitted sheet is used for electrically adjustable box springs, where both halves of the bed can be raised or lowered individually. With box springs , both halves can often move at the same time or separately, for which a mattress cover with split is required. A split topper fitted sheet makes it possible to separate the two halves from each other without the fitted sheet coming loose. Due to the perfect fit, a split topper fitted sheet stays in place, the split is of course on the top of the fitted sheet (and therefore the mattress). These types of fitted sheets are very functional, provide comfort and keep a mattress nice and fresh for longer. The split toppers in our range are available in jersey and cotton.

Topper fitted sheet

A fitted sheet topper is a fitted sheet that is only suitable for a topper mattress. A mattress topper is a thin mattress that is placed on top of a regular mattress and provides extra comfort. This requires a special mattress cover, such as a topper fitted sheet. A fitted sheet like this one is specially used when making a topper mattress. It is important that the corners of the fitted sheet fit exactly around the thickness of the topper mattress. A fitted sheet like this needs to fit snugly so that the corners don't come up. The toppers in our range consist of jersey and cotton and we also offer the popular size fitted sheet 180x220.


Our mattress covers are suitable for all common bed sizes and the less common sizes. With each product it is clearly indicated which sizes are available and for which size bed it can be used. For example, in our range we offer fitted sheets for at least the following dimensions:

1-person fitted sheet

Mattress size: 70 x 200

2-person fitted sheet

Mattress size: 140 x 200/210/220

Twin fitted sheet

Mattress size: 180 x 200/210/220

Washing advice

When you have purchased a new mattress cover, it is of course the intention that this new purchase will remain beautiful for as long as possible. How can this be guaranteed? Take note of the tips below!

• Always follow the enclosed washing instructions
• Wash the mattress cover before use
• Do not leave wet laundry in the washing machine for too long
• Choose a delicate wash program and favor it with a liquid detergent
• Do not use too much detergent to avoid white spots and stripes on the fitted sheet

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