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The cushions within our range are anti-allergic and often machine washable. You have a choice of different pillows; firm / soft, big / small, down / synthetic and the like. The cushions are also form-retaining, view the assortment below!


Pillows - Pillows

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If you are looking for a pillow, take a look at our extensive range! Here you will find a wide variety of pillows from both cotton and luxurious down pillows. At Fine2Sleep a large range of pillows can be viewed online and then ordered safely. We have very cheap priced pillows to very luxurious versions of the highest quality!

The supply of pillows at Fine2Sleep consists of a variety of materials, such as: cotton, microfibre, kapok, duck feathers, percale cotton, duck down, et cetera. In addition to pillows, there are also various pillow cases in the assortment. A cushion is available in different versions and with various purposes. For example, we offer orthomedical cushions, orthopedic cushions, various types of pillows and decorative cushions.

By describing the categories below, we hope to provide you with sufficient information about the diversity of pillows and associated materials, to make a purchase online. It is also possible, on request, to view and purchase your order at our collection location in Ridderkerk. You can choose from our wide range, consisting of various sizes.

Pillow material

In addition to the size, color of a throw pillow or the requirements of a pillow, it is important to choose a material that suits your wishes and use. For a good night's rest it is important to have a pillow that feels nice and comfortable and offers sufficient support. The Fine2Sleep range consists of various quality materials and models of cushions, something for everyone! Below you will find a detailed explanation of the materials and fabrics we offer. This way you can find a pillow that fits well with your personal preference.

Cotton pillow

A cotton pillow consists of a 100% cotton ticking, often with a filling of synthetic hollow fibers. The cotton ticking ensures optimal moisture absorption. In addition, cotton pillows can be described as shape-retaining and anti-allergic. Due to the density of the pillow, dust mites do not stand a chance. A cotton pillow is excellent as a pillow because of its good moisture absorption, moisture regulation and sleeping comfort. In the range we also offer cotton box cushions, ideal to prevent back and neck pain, due to its pressure-reducing effect! Cotton is a natural product and therefore sustainably produced. It has many advantages and is therefore a much chosen material for both cushions and various types of bedding. The material is skin-friendly and adapts to the body temperature.

Duck feather pillow

Buying a pillow has to be done carefully, because a pillow has to meet various wishes and requirements for optimal sleeping comfort. The duck feather pillows and other Fine2Sleep bedding are from the brand Ducky Dons. It complies with the strictest European standards and is produced in the Netherlands. The cover is 100% cotton, anti-allergic and both moisturizing and ventilating. A feather pillow has different locations such as soft, medium and firm. The type of location comes from the fill weight. Note: bring a feather pillow to the dry cleaning and was not! When you wash a duck feather pillow, the feathers can stick together.

Down pillow

A down pillow is a relatively more expensive type of pillow. Of course, there is still a distinction between duck down pillows and goose down pillows. A feather pillow with a high percentage of down has an influence on the price but also the comfort. The filling weight determines the softness of a pillow, so 500 grams of down is a lot softer than a filling of 1000 grams of down. It is therefore good to see what kind of feather pillow fits your needs. A distinction can be made between extra soft, soft, medium and firm. A feather pillow does not only have to consist of down, it is often mixed with a percentage of duck feathers. The down feather pillows from Fine2Sleep belong to the brand Ducky Dons, a high-quality brand that meets strict European standards.

Duck down pillow

Duck down is an excellent filling material for a pillow. It has a high moisture absorption, high resilience and is natural and low in weight. The down of duck down cushions is made from European ducks according to the Downafresh label. This means that the animals are not plucked alive. The down percentage determines the location and therefore the sleeping comfort. A back sleeper suffices with a duck down filling of 30%, a belly sleeper obtains optimal comfort with 90% down filling.

Goose Down Pillow

A goose down pillow is a lot higher in the price, this is mainly due to its rarity. A goose down pillow is similar to duck down, but of a higher quality. It is characterized by its high insulating capacity and long service life. The down flakes of a goose down are actually larger than those of duck down. A goose down cushion keeps its elasticity long and ensures optimal sleeping comfort. Holds heat and ventilates well!

Microfibre pillow

A microfiber cushion is often very advantageous and consists of a combination of both polyester and polyamide (nylon). Microfibre is known for its suppleness and softness, it is also often compared with cotton due to the shared properties. A microfibre pillow is anti-allergic and absorbs moisture well. A microfibre pillow is therefore very suitable as a pillow and often contains a filling that remains modular.

Percal cotton pillow

A type of material that is still unknown to many, but nevertheless has many advantages, is percal cotton. This type of material is also referred to as percale cotton or percale cotton. A good pillow is characterized by quality and comfort. Within our range we currently offer only a pillow of this material. The ticking is made from percale cotton and has a long life, excellent moisture regulation and moisture absorption. Percal cotton pillows owe their name to the weaving density and yarn fineness.

Kapok cushion

A kapok pillow is filled with the natural product kapok, originating from the kapok tree. The material is very suitable for cushions and can be described as a soft cotton fabric by the plant down from the kapoknoot. Kapok is moisturizing, ventilates well and is very resilient. The Jakarta Kapok pillow in our range is a more firm pillow with a weight of 1000 grams. The cover is made from 100% cotton and also contributes to the positive properties of the pillow.

Decorative pillows

A decorative pillow can be used to nicely dress the bed, but also fits very well with a sofa or chair. The decorative pillows within our range are very colorful and contain various prints and motifs. So you can brighten up any couch, bed or chair and you can enjoy the extra comfort that the decorative pillows offer. The decorative cushions we offer are available in cotton, polyester and percale cotton. In addition, we also offer a loose inner cushion where you can find a nice cushion cover yourself.

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